A cost efficient, innovative kitchen alternative.

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Personal Approach

Our service is personal, professional, accommodating & always conducted with a smile on our faces. We aim to make your experience with us a happy one with the end goal of forming a relationship that will see you return to us time & time again. We work with all types of homeowners to include first time owners, landlords, families & commercial businesses, always welcome feedback & are happy to accommodate requests. Nothing is ever too much trouble.

Quality Finish and Product Values

The materials we use for our products are tried and tested to ensure you are getting the very best available for your money. The vinyls and adhesives, which are an integral part of the process, are chosen based upon their durability and longevity. The vinyl which is typically used includes some excellant features: up to 10 year life span, easy to clean, environmentally friendly and an 'A' fire rating. Even better, installation of the product is quick, easy and mess free.

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Massive Savings

Typically you will save between 40% to 70% on a conventional kitchen replacement. The concept of our business is to make an otherwise unaffordable idea of changing the look of your kitchen become affordable. We will do what we can to work within your budget so that a new-look kitchen becomes reality.

Kitchen wrapping vinyl

Huge Choice of Finishes and Designs

The world is your oyster when it comes to choosing a finish - and we mean that. As well as all the conventional colours & designs off the shelf, such as satin, matt, gloss, oak, walnut, wood, marble, stone, tile, granite, red, white, blue, green, metal, fabric finishes, and so on, you now have the option to create your own unique personal look. Mix your favorite colours with text. Add you own pictures and styles, or come up with a unique, personalised design. You can literally do whatever you want. Just to get you thinking, we have created a 'New York Skyline' kitchen. Alternatively, we have some great ideas ourselves, Just ask....