We hope these answer any questions you may have

OK, so how does it work then?
We have made it as simple as it can be, but flexible too, in order to cater for different budgets and situations. In a snapshot, once you have contacted us, we will discuss your goals, vision and plans for your kitchen. We will then send you a free information pack containing our samples, case studies and costings. When we have decided which route you are comfortable to take, the magic starts and a little while later you’re left with that new kitchen you’ve always wanted.

So how much can I expect to save compared to a new full kitchen refurbishment?
It is all based on the number of items (doors, plinths etc) that need to be wrapped. As no kitchen is ever the same size, the saving will differ from one to another. However, typical savings range from 40% to 70%.

Are there many design and style options?
Oh yes, the world is your oyster as there are more options with a vinyl wrap than there are with a conventional kitchen replacement. We offer all the expected designs and colours, as well as a bespoke design service for a more unique look or those wishing for a completely one off personalised design.

Why don’t I buy replacement doors instead of wrapping my units?
A replacement door service is an option, but very often this service will only account for modern kitchens and is not efficient for older kitchens. Whilst you can get doors made for your kitchen, typically they will have to be made to measure and, therefore, will be expensive.

How long does it take to wrap kitchen cupboards and doors? 
Once we have received your doors, we expect to have them ready to fit within 5 to 7 working days. A ‘Speedy Service’ is also available on request.

How do I keep the newly wrapped cupboards clean?
Just as you would keep your normal cupboards clean: simply wipe clean if anything spills onto them.

My worktop is old, can this be wrapped as well?
Sadly, the worktop can’t be wrapped but we do offer other options. For a start, we will always try to use a wrap that compliments the worktop, but if you do want to replace the worktop, you’ll be pleased to hear that worktops can be relatively inexpensive nowadays and we can certainly help you find a suitable replacement.

Can anyone use your service?
Yes. We work with all types of people including: first time homeowners, families, landlords, commercial businesses, estate agents, developers and many more.


How durable is the wrap?
The wrap is very hard wearing. Although not indestructible, with careful use it should last you many years.

I like it, so how do I find out more …
For a free information pack and details on pricing, please go to our ‘Contact Us‘ page & fill in your details.
Alternatively you can email info@kitchenwrapping.com with any questions, or call 07780 995 282.